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To Mr. Bob Goss & Associates

I would like to Thank you for your dedication and hard work on my Veterans Disability Case, when I first became disabled I was upset, confused and thought I was all alone. When I sat down with your firm and especially Mr. Bob I felt secure and as the process continued, the information was updated and explained. As a veteran he took care of my family and secured my benefits. I would and will refer this firm to anyone needing representation.

Lessel Martin, Jr. - September 5, 2012

I tried to deal with the VA alone, but only got frustrated and angry. A fellow vet told me to find an advocate to fight with me to get the benefits I deserved. I found Bob Goss online. He is a fellow vet so he knew what I was going through. We fought hard for 4 years but I am now getting the benefits I was promised. I am sure Bob will fight just as hard for you. I recommend Bob to you and every vet I meet that needs help getting the VA benefits they deserve.

James Johnson - US Army - Viet Nam '67-'68

I had worked with the V.A. for about 5 years before I found Mr. Goss. Robert was an enormous assistance to me. It seemed he had the ability to cut through the government bureaucracy and get results. Most amazingly, even after Mr. Goss learned that he would not be compensated for my case due to changes in the law, he has continued to fight for my case, which shows me that he truly cares about vets and their needs. Words truly cannot express how grateful I am for his hard work and dedication to my case.

Robert Grimes

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