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All the Veterans working at the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. are disabled Veterans themselves. They understand VA law from both a legal and a personal perspective. Our team of Veterans knows exactly what you are facing with VA. Additionally, many on our Legal Team have children who are now Veterans. We understand your legal issues and the emotional toll that fighting for your VA benefits inflicts on you and your family.

When you look for an attorney to represent you before the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), what do you really need?

  1. Someone who actually cares if you succeed. Someone who knows you as an individual, a person...not just another "client" or acquisition. Bob and his team truly care. Representing you is our mission, not just our job.
  2. Someone who knows what they're doing. Being supportive and sympathetic is important. But sympathy and support by themselves won't win for you. You need someone who knows Veteran law, who knows VA policy and practice, and who has insight on how to win.
  3. Someone who is a fighter. Getting maximum benefits isn't easy. You can't be represented by a quitter. You need someone on your side who will be there with you, through all the rough times, knowing they will get you to the good times.


Why the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. is the right choice for you.

Robert (Bob) B. Goss, our founder, is a disabled Veteran. His military career includes almost 21 active-duty years with the United States Air Force (USAF), as an Officer and a pilot.

Bob started this law office because of his own terrible experiences fighting VA to obtain benefits he had earned. Injured during a flight-related USAF activity, Bob was spurred to champion the rights of disabled Veterans when he realized it took all his knowledge and legal background to prevail against VA when they denied his disability claims. What, Bob wondered, would happen to a disabled Veteran who didn't have his legal knowledge? What would happen to a disabled Veteran who didn't understand VA? Horrified by the realities of disabled Veterans left to fend for themselves against VA, Bob established the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. At Bob's lead, his law office is dedicated to representing you and getting you the benefits and security you deserve.

Bob also realized that representation before VA is only one aspect of a Veteran's legal needs. Veterans and their families face the same general legal challenges as the rest of society. But, Veterans may require additional assistance for Consumer Law issues - such as landlord/tenant matters, for Health Law issues - including health directives, and for Wills & Probate matters. Bob's law office provides the expertise and information you need as a Veteran facing Consumer and Health matters and planning for your family's future.

In addition to a law degree (J.D.) from the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University, in Birmingham, AL, Bob has two Masters of Law Degrees (one in Health Law, the other in Intellectual Property & Information Law) from the University of Houston Law Center.

Bob's Legal Operations Manager for the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C., is Colonel, USAF Retired, Michael (Mike) W. Lamb. Mike brings over 42 years of dedicated military service to this law office, and to you - our clients.

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