Consumer Law


As a consumer, you feel like an unprotected individual up against powerful, organized groups. Attorneys help level the playing field so you have a fair chance to be heard, understood, and not ignored. 

The Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. handles the following Consumer Law areas:

  • Landlord-Tenant Issues
  • Texas Property Law Issues
  • Unfair Debt Collections
  • Texas Employment Law Issues
  • Deceptive Trade Practice Act (DTPA) Matters

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Landlord-Tenant Issues
Landlord-tenant issues cover a wide range of problems, from the simple to the extremely complex.  Common landlord-tenant problems include:

  • Landlord's refusal to return a security deposit
  • Evictions.
  • Self-storage unit disputes
  • Landlord's failure to fix certain problems
If your landlord refuses to return a security deposit and you have not damaged the apartment or home, you may have a legal right to recoup your security deposit.  If a landlord mistakenly enters your apartment or home and removes your property without a Judicial Order, you have a legal right to damages.  And if a self-storage facility auctions your property without proper notice, you have a legal right to pursue damages.

Don't wait to take action if you believe you have been a victim of consumer fraud or abuse.  Prompt action preserves your rights.  Prompt action can be an important indication that you truly have been aggrieved.

Workforce Commission
The Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C., represents workers who have been wrongly denied unemployment benefits.  Unemployment-benefits scenarios - where unemployment benefits are denied - include:

  • Leaving your job to accompany your active-duty military spouse
  • Leaving your job to accompany your spouse (not active-duty military)
  • Leaving your job due to your medical condition
  • Leaving your job due to escape domestic violence
  • Leaving your job to avoid a stalker

Additionally our Law Office represents employees who have been wrongly denied salary and other benefits from an employer.

Deceptive Trade Practice-Consumer Protection Act (DTPA)
The DTPA is designed to protect consumers from false, misleading, deceptive acts or practices of any trade or commerce. This Act provides consumers the ability to protect themselves from overreaching or misleading commerce or trade practices.


  • In November 2014, you properly gave notice that you would terminate your apartment lease at the end of December 2014.
  • It's February 2015 and the landlord refuses to return your security deposit. 
  • Landlord supports the refusal by claiming that, in December of 2013, you "violated" the lease when you had a friend visit for more than seven days during the Christmas holidays. 
    • Landlord's assertion that the lease creates a right in the Texas Property Code for the landlord to keep the security deposit a year after the claimed event can be viewed as an attempt to mislead the tenant.  
    • The landlord has attempted to mislead the tenant into thinking the lease created a right (for the Landlord) which does not exist. 
  • This is an example of a possible DTPA violation.
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